The kinds of things we do...

New Websites

Whether you need a simple static brochure website for your small business, or a highly functional e-commerce platform, PA20 Web Solutions has the experience to deliver.

We are one of the few web designers that can start with a blank sheet of paper and build a website from the ground up, one line of code at a time. Or we can do what most others do - take shortcuts by building on top of a commercial template or a content management platform such as Wordpress.

Our varied experience and deep understanding of web technologies means that we can deliver a site tailored perfectly to your specific needs, no matter your preference for platform or technology. Our 50-point questionnaire for new website customers helps us home in on exactly what is important to you, so that expectations are correctly set from the beginning of the project.

We also appreciate that many customers quite rightly need guidance and assistance when deciding how best to go forward - after all they're not web designers. We're more than happy to meet with you as often as needed to agree the scope for the project.

Whatever you need by way of a new business website, let us take care of it!

  • HTML 5/4
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Bootstrap 2/3/4
  • W3.CSS
  • W3C Valid Code
  • On-Page SEO
  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • MySQL/MariaDB

Website Refreshes

Already have a website? PA20 Web Solutions can work with most existing sites to help them work better for your business.

Technology marches on at a relentless pace and search engines and social media platforms are forever moving the goalposts with regards to what is acceptable. Google in particular is driving forward quite hard on making the web safer by penalising sites that are not served encrypted. Sites that are not mobile-friendly are also being labelled negatively in search results, and being dropped completely on mobile searches. Attention is now turning to accessibility - sites originally designed for desktop may not render well on a small screen display - with buttons and links too small and too close together, horizontal scrolling and other similar issues now starting to be penalised.

Many brand new business owners with limited IT skills or start-up budgets turn to website builder platforms such as Wix or Vistaprint for their low-cost templates - but soon realise when the business grows and new functionality is needed that these platforms can be too restrictive or impossible to exit without starting over. Then there are those that turn to a content management platform such as Wordpress - easy to set up a great looking website with click-and-drag functionality - true - but for the same reason a big target for hackers and miscreants with almost daily security updates needed.

Whatever the problem with your current website, let us take care of it!

  • Website Content Updates
  • Additional Pages
  • Mobile-Friendly Responsive Designs
  • SSL/HTTPS Security
  • On-page SEO Updates
  • Platform Version Updates
  • Platform Migration
  • Speed Optimisation
  • Accessibility Updates including ARIA
  • Social Media Integration
  • Server Updates
  • Policy Updates

Back-End Services

"Back-end Services" isn't a particularly attractive title, but it neatly encompasses all those things that keep websites ticking along nicely. Generally, back-end services relates to the stuff that happens in the data centre, or 'the cloud', such as the server on which your website runs, the databases it accesses, the domain name that you access your website by, your email service and so on.

For your typical website user most, if not all, of this stuff should be a one-time set-up-and-forget process that you went through when you first bought some web hosting space. It may well have been done for you by the company you rent the server space from.

Occasionally though things can go wrong, or your website and its functionality simply outgrow the server package that you originally bought. Maybe the hosting company's servers are just too slow, or perhaps your email is being blocked because you are using a shared hosting package that has also been used by spammers.

Whatever your website's back-end needs, let us take care of it!

  • Programming and Scripting - PHP, Linux shell script
  • Configuration and Performance - APACHE, daemons & processes, cron, MySQL/MariaDB
  • Backups & Security
  • Database Design, Creation, Population, Exports and Management
  • Email setup, troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Cloud services integration - storage, email, backup etc.
  • CDN (content delivery network) setup, configuration, optimisation
  • Software version updates - LINUX, WHM, cPanel, PHP, MySQL/MariaDB etc.
  • DNS and Domain management, .htaccess configuration and optimisation

Content Generation

Google LOVES content! Specifically relevant content that engages site visitors, and what's more Google LOVES regularly updated and refreshed content. So if you're relying on your website to attract new customers by being well placed on search engines ("organic placement") then you need to be adding and changing content regularly.

We write compelling keyword-rich copy that reads naturally on virtually any subject. This can be presented as articles, background information or dynamically as blog posts, and can double as fodder for social media posts too.

Many small business owners don't have the time, inclination or skills to do this, so websites become stagnant and slide down the page as competitors rank higher. If you do generate your own content, we can offer a proof reading and submission service - you send us the content, we check and correct it, make change suggestions to make it more Google friendly, and once approved we'll post it for you across any number of platforms.

We're pretty good with a camera and PhotoShop too, and can help out with pictorial content too, and paid ad campaigns via Google AdWords, Facebook and other platforms.

Whatever your website or social media content needs, let us take of that for you!


Yes, we know it's boring, but slowly and surely governments and regulatory bodies are catching up with the digital world and making life difficult for all website owners because of the actions of a few.

While backside-covering has been going on for a while with Terms of Use becoming the norm on websites, over the past few years the ante has been upped considerably - firstly with the "Cookie Law" and then with the "General Data Privacy Regulations" otherwise known as GDPR, introduced into European law in 2018. With the powers of the UK regulator, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) being increased in order to fine businesses of all sizes that break the law, now is a good time to ensure that your website is in compliance!

If you are having a new website built by PA20 Web Solutions, then we will automatically include these aspects for you. However, if you store personal details offline, for example in spreadsheets or even in print, then you need to be aware that the regulations also extend to these uses, so a complete workflow audit is perhaps wise.

Whatever your website compliance needs, let us take of that for you!

  • Website Terms of Use
  • Privacy Policy
  • Cookie Law
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Business Process Analysis

Website Hosting

Your choice of web host can make a big difference to the speed of your website, which is a contributory factor when search engines are ranking you. Speed also matters to your end-users, with many people nowadays not prepared to wait more than a few seconds for a page load before clicking away.

Reliability is another factor, as well as support presence and the quality of that support when it is needed. It's also important for GDPR that you know exactly where your data is being stored.

PA20 Web Solutions has worked with a well-established and respected UK based hosting provider for over 15 years, with extremely high levels of reliability provided to our clients over that time. A number of platforms are available, from low cost shared hosting for Wordpress sites to highly responsive private servers for database applications and e-commerce websites. We are also experienced with cloud-based storage, email and database services, and content delivery networks for website acceleration.

Whatever your web hosting requirements, let us take care of that for you!

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • VPS
  • Dedicated Servers
  • AWS S3 for Storage
  • AWS RDS for Databases
  • AWS SES for Email
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • DNS Management

What's On The Desk?!

Just now we are working on:

  • PHP Programming - Various new features for an internal-facing website used to manage customer quotes, itinerary planning and invoicing -
  • Website Performance Review - Review of a WordPress website and on-page SEO for a graphic design agency
  • Website Redesign - Membership website -
  • Content Creation - Crowdsourcing database website -
  • Search Engine Optimisation - Existing website for a fashion footwear brand
  • Discovery - New website for a commercial vehicle recovery firm

Recently we completed:

  • Content Creation - Website for a summer 2019 event -
  • New HTML Website - Web design company -
  • Design and Content - 32-page A5 full colour magazine for a summer 2019 event

Hopefully this gives you some idea of the types of work we undertake on a regular basis.

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