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Think SEO is all about keywords?

The importance of OFF PAGE SEO - Part One

Think SEO is all about keywords?

Many less experienced web designers think that SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) means identifying a range of keywords and plastering them all over the website in question. To some extent this will work - as it advertises to search engines what your website is all about. But over-egg the pudding and you can soon find your site penalised for 'keyword stuffing' and depending on the design, 'masked content' - for example attempting to hide keywords from human visitors whilst keeping them visible to search engine spiders.

More importantly however is Off Page SEO - this term covers all efforts taken OUTSIDE of a website to improve its search placement - and it is so important because search engines see this as validation from third parties that your website is worth a visit - and this is something that cannot be measured by looking at the website content alone.

Think SEO is all about keywords?

The most common method of developing off-page SEO is to build links. For example, writing a post on Facebook and then adding a link (e.g. Another example might be adding your business to a local directory website with a link. You need to bear in mind that search engines will give different levels of credence to these types of links, and in fact some websites are regarded as 'toxic' and can actually harm your reputation if you are featured there. An example would be a website that is set up purely to serve links (usually for a fee) without adding any value to the visitor. Another example might be a website that loads an initial page of content but then requires a subscription or some other input (a survey response perhaps) in order to read more. So you need to think twice about the types of websites your links are featured on.

The number of different referring domains is also a contributing factor to your search engine placement. Remember, a 'domain' is the bit towards the end of a web address, for example or The more unique domains that carry links to your website, the better. This is why social media and blogs are so popular with people posting links to their content - because they can easily be shared by other users and ultimately (hopefully) find their way onto multiple websites very quickly.

Next search engines look at a concept called 'link authority' and this is largely based upon the reputations of the websites hosting your links. For example, if you were to be able to get your mobile chiropody business listed on your local NHS board's website this would probably carry far more link authority than an advert placed on Gumtree. Quality matters, and can affect your overall reputation, so seek out relevant and well respected websites when placing ads and links.

Think SEO is all about keywords?

When placing links on other websites, having meaningful 'anchor text' is essential. For example, Click here to visit Jim's Motors is much less meaningful than For expert servicing be sure to visit Jim's Motors in Rothesay because the site visitor knows that they are letting themselves in for BEFORE they hit a link and they have consciously chosen to follow it, which the search engines see as a vote of confidence in the target website.

Finally for this article, think about the relevance of the websites onto which you are placing links. For instance, imagine that you are looking to hire a caterer for an upcoming event. Two of your friends recommend different companies. You value the opinions of each of your friends, but one is a hairdresser and the other is a chef. So who are you most likely to trust? Yep - the chef. Things work the same way online - if you are a catering company and you have links from a foodie blog or your local council's "scores on the doors" food safety directory then this is far more relevant than links from a directory listing party services.

There's much more to off-page SEO than meets the eye, but these are the Top 5 aspects you need to consider. We'll be back with 5 more in the near future!

How much does a website cost?

How long is a piece of string?

How much does a website cost?

The simple answer? It depends... but if spent wisely, the more you put in the more you should get out!

As with all things in life, this is a question to which there is no one simple answer. Sure, you can subscribe to one of a good many template builder websites and put together a good looking basic brochure website in a few hours, paying around £5-£10 per month. Perfect if you want a very simple web presence to refer people to in order to legitimise your business. But don't expect to be riding high in search engine results, and be prepared for literally thousands of other users to create websites from the same template and therefore looking just like yours.

Or if you wanted a bit more flexibility and are keen to dabble a little with the technical side of things, then perhaps using a Content Management System such as Wordpress or Magento with its e-commerce capabilities might be the way to go. Wordpress, Drupal and many other CMSs are completely free to use - you may find yourself paying out for a nice template to get you started, but £50 should cover it. Then you just need to host the site somewhere (a server to run it on) and if you don't mind about performance or sharing with lots of other websites then again, £5-£10 per month should cover it.

However, if you want a fast performing showpiece website, totally flexible and custom built with your business and branding in mind, that is optimised to ride high in search rankings with regularly updated content then of course this is either going to cost you a lot of time or a lot more money than the Wix or Wordpress approach. But if you are serious about harnessing the power of the internet to grow your business then we believe this is the direction you need to be heading in.

PA20 Web Solutions specialises in these types of project. A successful project begins with a briefing, or as we call it a scoping document which tells us everything we need to know about your company, whether you are a '1 man band' or a little bigger. Typically we will ask around 100 questions grouped into the following brief categories:

- Business Background
- Your Website's Target Audience
- What You Want Your Website To Achieve
- About Your Competitors
- Preferred Styling And Branding, Colour Schemes etc.
- Features Required
- Content Creation And Ongoing Content Management
- Search Engine Optimisation
- Timescales And Budget

So back to the original question, How Much Does A Website Cost? PA20 Web Solutions has built websites for as little as £250 and up to more than £20,000.

Still none the wiser? See - told you it was not a straightforward question! Get in touch, tell us what you're looking for and we ought to be able to give you a better estimate. Nothing is fixed in stone (ever!) and there's absolutely no obligation.

Get a FREE Website Appraisal

Is YOUR website working for you?

A website appraisal is usually the first port of call when we are approached by potential new customers looking for an update or a refresh of their website. As well as looking for issues, we can also see what is GOOD about the existing site - which pages visitors enjoy visiting - and building on this.

For a limited time, PA20 Web Solutions is offering all enquirers a FREE basic appraisal as the starting point for further discussion. We will use a suite of tools to highlight areas of concern and then manually dig deeper into your website code to compile a list of issues found, and our recommended solutions. If you have tracking technologies enabled such as Google Analytics, we'll also run some standard reports to see which parts of the site could be improved. Amongst other things we will:

  • identify any on-page SEO clangers - easy, quick wins that will help improve your search engine ranking
  • look for performance issues such as oversized images, unnecessary JavaScript or CSS loads, compression
  • determine whether your site is being classed by search engines as 'mobile unfriendly' and the reasons for this
  • check for obvious user interface issues, especially those affecting accessibility of the website, which might be putting people off using the website
  • report on the security status of the website, and, if using a content management system such as Wordpress, whether the site and any plugins are current or have any known security vulnerabilities
  • measure the loading speed of key pages to ensure they are below 2 seconds - any longer and you will almost certainly be losing visitors, especially those on mobile / 3G / 4G connections - and suggest ways to improve them

This isn't a comprehensive list - the actual appraisal will vary according to the individual website but these are the types of things we'll be looking for and reporting on. If you have any specific questions or worries, we can look into those too.

Ultimately we'd like you to be a PA20 Web Solutions customer, so an open and honest dialogue is the perfect place to start that relationship.

If you'd like us to take a look at your website, get in touch today!

Organic Page 1?

The importance of Keywords

Organic Page 1?

Today, in an attempt to answer that ever-present question aimed at website designers, we began an experiment to try to get a unique keyphrase ranking high on Google organically.

UPDATE 28th June 2019

Today we ranked #1 for our keyphrase 'encephalitic elephants eating eucalyptus'. OK, so we admit, it's much easier when you have a unique set of keywords or a niche product/service to sell. But with the right approach ANY group of keywords can ride high in search engine results - even those that typically return millions of pages.

Organic Page 1?

PA20 Web Solutions can help optimise YOUR website to give your business the best chance of high organic search engine placement. Contact us today to see how we can help.

PA20 Has Launched!

New web design company based in Bute

<span>PA20</span> Has Launched!

It's now almost 2 years since we landed in this Bute-iful place and we've been meaning to get around to launching our new business identity but life just kept getting in the way - our fault really for buying a big old Victorian house that needs a complete refurb!

Anyway, we're here now and finally trading under our new name PA20 Web Solutions - come find us at and see what we can offer your local business.

Whether you need a basic modern website for your new business, SEO, some website tidying and refreshing, an improved social media presence, new logo or just good old fashioned advice, we're just an email/phone call/messenger chat away!

Daily Diary

Icon of a desk with a computer

12th September
Still plugging away on page refreshes for party suppliers for - helping those searching for party entertainers to also find related services

6th September
Lots of work this week on page refreshes for wedding and venue searches for - more to be completed next week too

2nd September
The last few days have been spent updating the venue detail pages for to incorporate additional service options. Some optimisation work to be done to speed up page loads but we're 90% of the way there...

29th August
More PHP and MYSQL schema changes adding some 'minimum pricing' logic to an automated quote builder to allow smaller groups to take advantage of certain educational activities

27th August
A few days' PHP programming adding visibility of general party services to over 60,000 venue detail pages to promote the additional products routinely offered by mobile disco operators

23rd August
Deep dive on-page SEO review this week for a ladies shoe designer resulting in a lengthy report full of recommendations to help improve the ranking of the client' preferred keywords

20th August
PHP programming to integrate bespoke quote builder package with Sage 50 accounting back-end for tracking outgoing invoices and credits, and supplier purchase orders

19th August
After a nice week off, back to the coalface today with an appraisal of SEO strategy for a planned website rewrite

6th August
More HTML notification and status email designs completed and implemented. Still plenty to go over the coming weeks...

5th August
PHP programming - changes to an internal CRM system to allow the allocation of multiple accommodation providers to the same individual trip with differing daily rates

1st August
Getting started on a number of page content updates ahead of the new school year

30th July
Out of office today for meeting with potential new client

29th July
Month end reporting for SEO clients with year-to-date comparisons between 2019 and 2018 and 'deep dives' into social media originated clicks

27th July
More HTML notification and status email designs completed and implemented. There's quite a few to go...!

25th July
Designing a range of HTML notification and status emails for a transactional platform

23rd July
Website backlinks, keywords and competitor analysis for a quality Isle of Wight hotel

Website backlinks, keywords and competitor analysis for a 5 star Hampshire hotel

12th July
Planning sessions for rewrite of UK-Parties website to include more granular choices of service provider and a review of the charging policy

10th July
Migration of Postfix dependent bulk email engine across to Amazon SES - wow, that took a fair bit of brainpower!

8th July
PHP development for a detailed multi-level enquiry form collecting customer requirements for entertainment and party quotes

Keyword research and Google Ads campaign planning for a new entertainment related website

7th July
Detailed SEO study and year-on-year stats comparison for a design agency website along with action plan for the next 6 months to improve site performance and boost google rankings

4th July
PHP programming for Education Destination's internal itinerary management system this week - all now tested and rolled into production. The change allows accurate calculations of rebates in the event of pre-booked students being unable to make a trip at last minute due to illness or injury. This was previously a laborious manual task.

28th June
So it's month end, and that means the last couple of days have been spent poring over Google Analytics statistics and planning tweaks and changes for our SEO clients to try over the coming months to improve their Google rankings and ultimately click throughs from genuinely interested potential clients.

25th June
Completion of Sandown Carnival printed programme for a series of summer and autumn events.

20th June
PHP and JavaScript programming - a new multi-level form with extreme levels of validation both client and server side for collecting entertainment related enquiries

19th June
Trip Diary preparation - a printed 36-page A4 magazine with a bespoke set of educational resources for a forthcoming group visit

18th June
Fix up some accessibility recommendations (button sizes and proximity) suggested by Google Lighthouse to improve site ranking

Inspect Google Analytics historical data to highlight on-page SEO trends for a fashion company

17th June
Trip Diary preparation - a printed 48-page A4 magazine with a bespoke set of learning resources structured to support a week-long visit to The Island Classroom

Encephalitic Elephants ... an experiment in how easy or difficult it would be to reach organic position 1 on Google from a standing start

Content creation, validation and further research on pubs with Alma and Albert in their names (and the realisation that this may take some time to complete!)

14th June
Review on-page SEO policy of Magento ecommerce website for a fashion footwear brand, write a comprehensive findings report and compile a 4-step action plan with recommendations.

Content creation, validation and further research on pubs with Abbey in their names